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 Alkansan Teknik Aydınlatma is a pioneering and dynamic company established in 2010 for the import and distribution of special bulbs.
Alkansan; Philips, Osram, Dr. Fischer, Toshiba, Isolde, Darcon etc. It sells the products of the world's leading companies / brands and the components and luminaires of these products.

Main products in the company product range;

UV bulbs
Medical ampoules
Infrared bulbs
Installation of UV disinfection systems
UV curing solutions
UV aging solutions
Stage Studio bulbs

 Alkansan has carried its expertise and meticulousness in special applications/projects to provide engineering, procurement, installation (EPC) and after-sales maintenance services for the installation of SPP systems in 2023.

 If you are looking for an EPC company that offers unrivaled product knowledge, easy-to-understand expert advice and competitive prices for your SPP investments, you can contact us quickly.


1967 - Establishment of Alkan Brothers
1976 - Alkan Brothers' first production started
2010 - Alkan Aydınlatma was founded and started production in its new facilities with the Alkan brand
2010 - Alkansan Teknik Aydınlatma was established.  

 We see renewable energy not as a business but as a path to the future. We are walking towards a green future with our business partners by focusing on sustainability and environmental activities.


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