PL-L 18W/10 UVA

UVA Lamps

PL-L 18W/10 UVAUVA Lamps

PL-L 18W/10 UVA

UVA Lamps

UV Curing, UV Glue Curing, UVA Applications, UV Aging, UV Sunlight Simulation, UV Ink Curing, UV Leak Detection, UV Inspection,   Detection of Aflatoxin and Mould with UV, Manufacture of Dental Prosthetics, Art Examination/Conservation with UV, UV Insect Trap Lamps

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PL-L 18W/10 UVA : areas where the product is applied and sectors where it is used.


General Product Description :

UVA light is now used in numerous areas for all kinds of different purposes, material curing or hardening and paint drying as well as in modern printing processes. UV light can also be used effectively in material testing or in certain analysis methods.


-UV Paint and Ink Drying; UV paints and UV based inks are processed by UV lamps for fast and reliable paint drying.


-UV Curing of Lacquers; Reliable, time saving curing of base- coat and top-coat of lacquers on glass, wood, ceramics, plastic and metallic articles. No toxic fumes and wastes. U.V. curing process is environment-friendly.


-Artificial Material Aging; Photon energy caused by solar radiation forms radicals, thereby enabling the oxidation of the material. UV aging tests use an UV lamp as the light source. It conducts artificially accelerated aging test on samples


. -Exposure of UV-Sensitive Photoresist Coatings; UV lamps are used to irradiate UV sensitive materials to create a patterned coating on a surface such as photolithography and photoengraving processes.


-Sun Light Simulation; UV lamps are used to imitate UV lights of the sun in various industries and applications.


- Insect Traps; UV light is used to attract insects towards electronic flight keepers.


- Cosmetic Nail Curing

-Nail polishes are exposed to UV light for uniform and fast drying.


-Manufacture of Printed Circuit Boards – Copper clads are exposed to UV light. After the exposure, the light reveals the pathways of copper. UV lights are also used to cure conformal coating material on the PCBs for protection purposes. Another application where an UV light used in PCB production is for finding flaws on the surface.


-UV Light in Jewelry; UV lamps are used to curejewelry making adhesive resins those are mainly used for bonding stones as well as for coating applications by providing reinforcements.


-Glass Bonding with UV; UV curable glass bonding adhesives cure very fast under UV light to form bonding of glass.


-Manufacture of Dental Prosthetics; In dental medicine, the diagnostic uses are concerned with the fluorescence of teeth with radiation exposures to small areas. A number of dental procedures involve the use of Ultraviolet radiation like bleaching of teeth with UV light and use of  Ultraviolet light to cure, or harden, composite fillings.


-UV Fluorescent exciter for scientific and criminological investigations.

-Printing industry

-Uv light is used for drying of inks, reprography.

-Reprographic applications

-Flexo print TL – high efficiency in reprographics and photopolymerization.

-Terrarium illumination; UV light in the UV-A and UV-B ranges are used in terrarium lighting.


-Beauty and Skincare; UV light therapy and sun tanning applications. -UV Phototherapy; UV light therapy can treat a variety of skin problems, such as Psoriasis, Eczema, Vitiligo, persistent itching, and other problems.

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