TL 6W BLB - 6W Black Light Blue

UVA Lamps

TL 6W BLB - 6W Black Light BlueUVA Lamps

TL 6W BLB - 6W Black Light Blue

UVA Lamps

Detection of UV-Reflecting Materials; Arson Detection With UV ; Crİme Scene UV Inspection; Counterfeit Currency UV Detection, UV Pest Control, UV Leak Detection; UV Artwork Inspection, Detection of Aflatoxin with UV, UV Document Verificiation

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TL 6W BLB - 6W Black Light Blue : areas where the product is applied and sectors where it is used.


General Product Description :

Black Light Blue UV Light

BLB Light  UV light that is not visible to the naked eye is used for countless different purposes in numerous industries. When illuminated with UV light only the fluorescent material glows. That makes BLB (Black Light Blue ) lamps unrivaled in applications like  quick detection of UV-reflecting materials and  effect lighting.


Below you may find a short list of special applications that UVA Black Light Blue (BLB Light)  light is used in:

-Counterfeit Currency Detection  Ultraviolet light is used to identify forged bank notes Leak Detection BLB Light is used to detect leakage and the sıurce of the lekage by using fluorescent tracer additive


-Pest Control / Food And Agriculture  To determine rodent presence, inspectors illuminate the area in question with a UV lamp. Rodent urine and hair glows blue-white and is easily identified on sacks of food or intermixed with food grains.


-Aflatoxin Test with UV Light  (BGYF) Bright greenish-yellow fluorescence test for aflatoxin estimation -  Corn is inspected under the UV lamp (365 µm.) for a characteristic bright greenish yellow fluorescence in broken and damaged kernels. Additionally, mold on certain grains also fluoresces. Documents Inspection And Verification - UV light is used for inspection of documents. Some documents maybe marked with invisible fluorescent markings which becomes visible under UV Light.


-Artwork Repair And Fraud Inspection UV light is a commonly used to inspect damaged or repaired paintings, overpaintings, forged singatures on arts,  furnitures, and other collectables, such as porcelain, marble and textiles.


-Arson Investigation UV light helps fireman locate accelerant residues  and origin of the fire. Accelerants such as gasoline, kerosene and other petroleum fractions, benzene, acetone, grease, lard, vegetable oils, paints, etc fluoresce when exposed to UV light.


-Crime Scene Inspection  Forensics relies heavily on UV light to look for fingerprints, as well as blood and other bodily fluids.


-Environmental Inspections UV light can be used to investigate the presence of components of petroleum and natural gas.


-Narcotics Some narcotics such as amphetamine, cocaine etc. Fluoresce when exposed to UV Light.


-Gem And Mineral Inspection Jewelers use UV light to determine if the gems  are treated or not.


-Finding Flaws with UV Light UV-light is applied on surfaces to examine the coatings on various surfaces. To determine surface is properly coated or not.


-Purity Control Cleanliness Applications Certain materials and substances are fluorescent in nature when illuminated with UVA-light.Dairy production Inspections and previously occupied hotel room Inspections can be done by  using UV Light.


-Effect Lighting UV Light creates special lighting effects; Materials react in different ways when they are exposed to the UVA light. Some substances absorb the BLB light’s energy and change it into visible light. It is called fluorescence and is used for decorative and effect lighting.

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